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Washing dishes while camping

Trail Mule

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Forgot to ask/post this. We went camping last week and someone came up and was talking about our spot we got, and then they saw a bottle of Dawn dish soap and flipped out. Stating it was not eco friendly and we should be fined. Seriously?

He stated we should be using specific camping dish soap that is eco friendly. I had no idea dish soap was toxic (being sarcastic).


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Huh? We use dish soap from REI, but honestly we picked up because my wife found on sale. I really don't think Dawn is bad to use. We have been using for YEARS and never had any problems and never thought as "toxic". You are washing plates and cups, if OK for that, it's OK to use in forest.

Dirt lover

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I just use some eco friendly soap and a bucket full of water. It usually does the job as I only wash dishes for a couple of people


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We have special dish wipes and we have a portable sink bucket thing that we use. Usually I'll heat up some water over the fire and dump into this with a little cold water and wash in that.


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5 gallon container just for doing the dishes. Going to get one of those hot water heaters