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RSI Smart Cap worth the money?

Hey gang, any of you sprung on one of those RSI Smart Caps for your Gladiator or any truck for that matter? How did you find the build quality to be? If you could go back in time, would you buy again?
In terms of toppers, I think this is one of the better looking tops on the market. Plus these are much stronger than fiberglass ones.


Last I heard these were on backorder like something nuts like 17 months, just saying, you might want to look at other options.

Trail Mule

Are you all looking at their Sport or Adventure? The difference from what I can see are the side doors right? The Adventure has no glass?

Ken S

"Gladiator (Date Coming Soon!)" :( Bummer. Actually most of these tops still showing backordered.


Maybe check with distributors listed on their site? They might have inventory. Many manufactures will do what they can to make sure their dealers have product to sell. Might be worth making some calls.


RiverRat you sure that isn't paint? Man I could have swore you can get color match with these tops, which of course is just normal automotive paint. Am I getting wires mixed up here?

BootLeg JK

When you look at your options you only have a couple real options, go with RSI or go with RLD. RSI is the larger company of the two, and likely will have better customer service. Value? How bad do you want one, both of these are pretty much priced in the same spot. I have a buddy who was in the same spot as you earlier this year. But he wanted to convert his truck into a single rig operation. He ditched his trailer and put a cap on the back of his truck and slapped his rooftop tent on top of the cap. He has a little kitchenette in the back of the truck. When it's raining or cold mornings, he has his coffee inside the cap, on a bean bag he has in there looking out the windows. He loves it. The point? He went with what was available, and that was an RLD.


Everyone is backordered right now. Raw materials are more expensive and shipping is horrible.

Understatement on the shipping. I have friends who import items into the US from various points overseas, and I've heard shipping cost are 3x to 8x more! It's nuts out there!