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What spare parts do you carry?

Obviously we have limited space on our rigs. That said, do you carry any spare parts to your truck in case you break something? You mind me asking what you are bringing? Knock on wood, I've not had any issues, but as I pick up miles on my truck. I want to be prepared.


Cv joints, belts, driveshaft and some other small bits. If I know it is an easy trail I take just the basics such as belts etc


Hmmm, just a spare tire! Now I have tools of course, but I don't have the room for anything else.

Trail Mule

AAA card :LOL: seriously other than tire repair stuff, and a few fuses, what space I have in my rig is for all my camping gear. If I had a off road trailer of some sort, that would be different story!


It depends on the trail, if I know we will be doing some tough tracks I take spare CVs and maybe and alternator during winter when everything is muddy as they love to fail on the 80.

Other than that, just normal filters etc