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Tijuana Paint Job?


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Any of you folk' brought your rig down to Tijuana, Mexico for a paint job ? Thinking about getting my old VW camper van with fiberglass topper resprayed but the prices I've been getting here in the USA have been giving me second thoughts, Im local to San Diego so Mexico seems to be a viable option. The labor is significantly cheaper in Mexico and I've herd stories of guys getting there 60s series redone glass out , rust fix and all for around $2000-$3500 with high quality Dupont paint that's no longer sold here USA.

Let me know your thoughts...


I remember years ago, a good friend of mine (chick), was asking me if she should go to Mexico for a boob job. I recommended against it. Two years went by and we finally connected (wink wink). When shirt came off, she told me she got the her boob job from Mexico, and they screwed it up. And sure enough they did, you could see the back edge of the implate on the side clear as day. Looked way off. So while she saved a few bucks, the job was botched.

So, I wouldn't.