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Letting someone borrow your camping gear?

What's your policy on letting someone borrow your camping gear? My brother just sent a message asking about borrowing my gear for a 4 day trip he has coming up in two weeks. I love my family, but I also know my brother doesn't have a ton of extra money to spend in case something got damaged and needed to be replaced. And honestly speaking, if I have to pay for something to be replaced, that will push back any new toys for me as I set aside a monthly budget for my truck upgrades and camping gear.

What would you do?


I always give my gear to good friends or family. Especially if someone does not have the money to buy their own


I'm not a fan of letting people borrow anything. Just a rule I set years ago. Call it a necessity after a couple things never came back the way they were lent out.


Small things, sure no problem But my entire kit, no. Now I do have a spare tent that I have let borrowed a couple times.

F Clayton

LOL no, been there and done that many years ago. I just don't want to be put into 'that' situation again. Long story short, my buddy had borrowed some camping gear including a new tent I had just bought. When he left his camping spot, he left the tailgate open on his truck and not only my tent, but also a few other items fell out and were crushed on a freeway.

Walter K

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The problem is, if something is damaged, heck even scratched, that would drive me up the wall. I take care of my stuff and at least if I scratch something or worse, I'm responsible and live with it. If someone else uses something, my gear feels more 'used' if that makes any sense.