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Jumbo Personal Tool Carrier - Last US Bag - Quick review

Tom Scherb

For years I have been carry a small set of tools with me in my truck and have been using a Dewalt bag that came with my impact wrench I bought from them. This bag worked, but a hole formed in one side because constant use and stuffing in back. A buddy sent me a link to some company from Washington state called "Last U.S. Bag Company" and their Jumbo tool carrier. This thing was $32 bucks, not huge, I want to say this thing is around 7" diameter and 12.5" long. But it's VERY we'll built. Just sharing my experience, I know many of you are (should be if you don't) carrying tools with you when you go off grid. For $32 bucks, I'm going to recommend this tool bag. I'm super happy with it.

Ward Powell

New member
I just bought something similar from Overland Guy. Never heard of this brand you mentioned, but just bookmarked the site.

F Clayton

Very good company!! I have a yellow backpack from these guys. Their stuff isn't cheap, but I agree, it's very well made. Congrats on your new bag!