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  1. Dirt lover

    Washing dishes while camping

    I just use some eco friendly soap and a bucket full of water. It usually does the job as I only wash dishes for a couple of people
  2. Dirt lover

    Anyone putting 37's on their TRD Pro?

    It now looks like it should. Those stock tires are too small for the size of the truck
  3. Dirt lover

    3rd Gen 4Runner squeaking noise when driving in gear, get worse when accelerating.

    3rd Gen 4Runner squeaking noise when driving in gear, get worse when accelerating. Anyone have an idea of what this may be?
  4. Dirt lover

    Have you guys seen the all electric EV concept from VW?
  5. Dirt lover

    TESLA Powered Polaris UTV?

    hahaha that's madness!
  6. Dirt lover

    Light weight mud tires??

    Some are lighter than others; however, you will Never find a mud tire that is as light as a road tire. If you do, chances are it isn't a good one
  7. Dirt lover

    Electric conversion kit for your classic Land Rover. Would you do it?

    I would consider; however, an LS swap seems much more appealing 😉
  8. Dirt lover

    Are Method wheels worth the price?

    You get what you pay for! Methods are sick! If you want there are cheaper options though, but in my opinion few compare to the looks offered by Method
  9. Dirt lover

    Heavy winds and ground tent camping

    Yep, have a loog at some better pegs. I never had such an issues to be honest so I can't name any specific products. I am sure there is something out there. Probably pegs that are used for mountaineering tents, those guys deal with some hectic winds up there
  10. Dirt lover

    Yeti VS Coleman Cooler. What would you go for?

    I will also say Yeti here. Had a great experience with them
  11. Dirt lover

    The Ineos is getting closer and closer to production. What do you guys think about it?

    It is a cool vehicle although it does have some inherent issues in the suspension area. We will need to wait a little longer until these are actually owned by people and tested off road.
  12. Dirt lover

    Best tires for overlanding / tough trails?

    I would go for a BF KM3. They are good on road and great off road. I have run them before and could not recommend them enough!
  13. Dirt lover

    What brand and power rating winch do you guys use?

    The time has come for me to get a winch and I need something good. It is there for peace of mind so I want something I can be sure will pull me out when needed. What brands of winches do you guys use and on what vehicle?
  14. Dirt lover

    Which is the most capable 4x4 in terms of off roading on the current market?

    I though I'd start a bit of a discussion here. Which is the most capable 4x4 solely speaking about capabilities on the current market?
  15. Dirt lover

    Old 4.0 TJ on 35s. How bad is it on the motorway?

    Old 4.0 TJ on 35s. How bad is it on the motorway?
  16. Dirt lover

    Are there any parts you always replace for peace of mind before a big overland trip?

    What parts do you go through before a long overland trip? Is there anything in particular you always change? I am talking about an expedition that will involve a lot of driving over multiple weeks
  17. Dirt lover

    The guys from Expedition Overland are building a new Tundra

    As these guys tend to go full on with their build I would expect this Tundra to be kitted out to the max! Would be interesting to see what these trucks can do.
  18. Dirt lover

    Any overland cooking channels on YouTube?

    Check out fire to fork he has some good recipes 👌