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  1. Trail Mule

    1986 HUMMER H1 MPG?

    How many of these does the Terminator have?
  2. Trail Mule

    Renogy 12V 200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery vs...

    Hey guys, so is there any benefit of buying ONE Renogy 12V 200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery vs buying TWO of their 100Ah batteries with same specs? Meaning is there a benefit of having a single battery or is it better to have two?
  3. Trail Mule

    What's your next camping trip?

    I'm actually thinking about taking a trip up to the lake this weekend. Not sure yet, trying to recruit others!
  4. Trail Mule

    What spare parts do you carry?

    AAA card :LOL: seriously other than tire repair stuff, and a few fuses, what space I have in my rig is for all my camping gear. If I had a off road trailer of some sort, that would be different story!
  5. Trail Mule

    Roofnest Condor XL

    These are killer looking tents, I would NOT buy the white model for two reasons: 1. pain in the butt to keep clean. 2. everything fades over time, white could turn dirty white, or yellowish. That wouldn't look good. At least with the black, any sort of fade won't be noticed as much.
  6. Trail Mule

    Ursa Minor J30 Pop Up Camper

    OMG never seen such a camper! A buddy of mine forwarded me this morning. So cool! Any of you know anything about this company or these campers? crappy part it shows 6-8 month build time. But I still may need to consider!
  7. Trail Mule

    Looking for a small 12V meat freezer cooler

    These guys have a 15 and even a 9 quart freezer for pretty good priced. I was looking at one of these myself:
  8. Trail Mule

    Carbon Fiber light bar for Ford F150

    I've been trying to find a full carbon fiber light bar for my Ford F150. Not a wrapped one, I want something that is made from actual carbon fiber. Can you suggest one please? We just picked up this F150 (technically for my wife) and have zero experience with this brand, so just starting my...
  9. Trail Mule

    RSI Smart Cap worth the money?

    Are you all looking at their Sport or Adventure? The difference from what I can see are the side doors right? The Adventure has no glass?
  10. Trail Mule

    ZERO Breeze 2300 BTU Mark 2 Portable Air Conditioner

    My neighbor just got one and he's returning it. I was over there last weekend and it blows 'cool' air, but unless you have a space the size of a dog house with insulation 3 feet thick, it's not going to cool much. Their marketing videos are very misleading. Sorry, pass for me.
  11. Trail Mule

    Snow Camping tips?

    Two things that are most important: Your sleeping pad and sleeping bag need to be temperature appropriate.
  12. Trail Mule

    Eliminating wind noise In a tent?

    Bungee cords are you friend ;)
  13. Trail Mule

    Tailgater Tire table still work with mud or snow filled tires?

    Nothing a little rust oleum couldn't fix!
  14. Trail Mule

    Goes to show you can make a tent out of anything

    Wild animals be window shopping you in that thing! LMAO!!!
  15. Trail Mule

    Badass Tent Recon tent??

    BTW Adam, sent you PM. Send me details, if you want to sell that, my neighbor has very tight budget and is willing to look at used.
  16. Trail Mule

    Badass Tent Recon tent??

    Had to Google this one. Like the color theme they have going on. Couldn't find much of reviews on them. Got me, I would want to see reviews first.
  17. Trail Mule

    Overlandish Base Camp vs Shiftpod III vs Russian Bear UP5

    Just noticed Overlandish says they are a California company, but they have a 305 phone number listed on their site? hmmmmmm
  18. Trail Mule

    Overlandish Base Camp vs Shiftpod III vs Russian Bear UP5

    I'm curious on the longevity of these sort of things. For example that Overlandish tent, that seems to have the smallest stored size. How many times can you open and close that up before it starts to fail?
  19. Trail Mule

    Self Feeding Fire - 14+ Hour Fire

    I really should go to bed, but YouTube put another super interesting video in front of me. Check this fire out, I have to admit, I thought it was going to fail because the flames would go up the sides. Not the case. Guy got over 14 hours of burning happening here. Now this I'll need to try...