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  1. DaveInFresno

    Sleeping in the car vs sleeping in a rooftop tent? What is better?

    Completely depends on your preference. Can you fit in your car comfortably to sleep? Can you get a mattress in there? If not, then rooftop tent is going to have major benefits.
  2. DaveInFresno

    Rivian R1S for overlanding??

    OH hell yeah it will be
  3. DaveInFresno

    $33,000 Rooftop tent from Redtail Overland??

    Yep, I said that earlier. I bet peeps are just looking at the price and not looking at what all you get.
  4. DaveInFresno

    KC Hilites alternatives ??

    What are some good alternative to KC lights? A buddy of mine who has finally gotten off his ass and jumping back in off-road and looking for good lights. I recommended KC, which he reminded me that he hates the company because of bad customer service he received like 12 years ago. Which I...
  5. DaveInFresno

    Tesla screen installed in Jeep Wrangler

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It's cool, but the interface seems lacking.
  6. DaveInFresno

    Jeep Nearly Slides Off DANGEROUS Shelf Road

    Another video that caught my attention today. Pretty nuts:
  7. DaveInFresno

    Tesla screen installed in Jeep Wrangler

  8. DaveInFresno

    Jeep Falling Off Black Bear Pass

    What's amazing is that anyone survived that accident. That is horrifying to watch.
  9. DaveInFresno

    Wouxun KG 1000G

    *I say that because my neighbor bought one of these thinking it was a HAM radio. Or had it built in. Not sure how he missed that part, GMRS is tattooed all over this thing.
  10. DaveInFresno

    Wouxun KG 1000G

    Wouxun KG 1000G is a popular because it's a very powerful radio, but yeah it's made by that 2wayradio website as I recall. But what makes this thing unique is the power of it. Are you after a GMRS or Ham radio? This is a GMRS.
  11. DaveInFresno

    67 Designs make a bracket to hold 12.9" iPad Pro?

    No, they don't sell the actual mounts. You need to buy those from Amazon or where ever you find. I will say, their parts will hold if you can find the mount.
  12. DaveInFresno

    Exped Duo Mega Mat worth the money?

    Hey guys, who has one of these and are you finding it worth the $$? Did you go with their green or red one?
  13. DaveInFresno

    Is your family supportive of your overlanding?

    For the most part. Now my wife does enjoy going out with me, however doesn't get all into it as I do.
  14. DaveInFresno

    Letting someone borrow your camping gear?

    What's your policy on letting someone borrow your camping gear? My brother just sent a message asking about borrowing my gear for a 4 day trip he has coming up in two weeks. I love my family, but I also know my brother doesn't have a ton of extra money to spend in case something got damaged...
  15. DaveInFresno

    Badass workbench??

    These are slick, but I would rather spend $$ on my rig. My garage table is just two 3/4" sheets of plywood built on a frame I made.
  16. DaveInFresno

    Drilling holes in your roof for a roof rack?

    My neighbor is installing rack this weekend and asked me to help.
  17. DaveInFresno

    Bending aluminum tent pole back without breaking?

    I would still get a replacement, that pole will never be as strong as new.
  18. DaveInFresno

    Bought a DMOS Alpha Expedition Shovel

    Nice shovel, but how is this better than Beaver shovel that is 1/3rd of cost?