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  1. Frank Vos

    Which chains are you using with your offroad tires?

    I need to get some chains, which can you recommend for offroad tires?
  2. Frank Vos

    What are you doing with your OEM parts you are taking off your truck?

    Those of you with a new truck that you are making upgrades too with aftermarket parts. What are you doing with the OEM parts you are taking off the truck? Are you storing or selling? If selling, where are you selling? I have tried Craigslist, but there are so many darn scammers.
  3. Frank Vos

    Coupon code for Quadratec?

    I don't suppose you have an active coupon code that works for Quadratec you can post? Please share. Thank you!
  4. Frank Vos

    Who sells custom Jeep hood decals?

    I've seen a few jeeps with custom decals on side where it normally says "Rubicon". But theirs says something different. Who makes these?
  5. Frank Vos

    When is someone going to come to market with hard top bed cover that works with a bed rack?

    I just love this rack:, but you can't mount a bed rack on top of it?
  6. Frank Vos

    Getting started in fly fishing

    I don't suppose any of you fly fish? I've been wanting to get started but not sure where to even start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gear? Videos (to learn), and anything else you can think of would be great. Thank you
  7. Frank Vos

    What's in your recovery kit?

    Last week there was a fun discussion on a Facebook offroad page I belong to regarding what's in your recovery kit. I can't take credit for this topic, but I'm going to start the discussion here. Post up what is in your recovery kit. I'll start: My kit includes: ARB twin Compressor, a tire...
  8. Frank Vos

    Cooking mess kit you carry in your rig?

    I'd like to pick up a solid mess kit to carry in our rig that includes at least one frying pan and pot. But want something that can handle on stove cooking AND directly on fire. Any suggestions?
  9. Frank Vos

    Loose steering in 2021 Jeep Gladiator

    I'm new to forums, so if I'm posting in wrong spot, feel free to move my post. As I pointed out in another thread, I just bought a 2021 Jeep Gladiator JT. I just love this truck, but at highway speeds, this steering sucks. Sorry Jeep, but this is horrible. Dealer said nothing is wrong with...
  10. Frank Vos

    2021 JT from Dallas

    Hey everyone. Frank here from Dallas with a new JT. This is my first Jeep, I had the Ford Explorer (yeah yeah), for last 9 years and upgraded to this Jeep. Not sure what else to put here. I'll wave if you see me on the road! Frank
  11. Frank Vos

    JCR Offroad roof rack for 2021 Jeep Gladiator?

    I've just picked up a 2021 JT and want to get a roof rack on this thing. I've not had a roof rack before and wasn't sure about drilling holes in my roof, but found this roof rack from JCR Offroad that clamps down on the roof. Can this hold as much weight as some of the other options? If...