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  1. F Clayton

    Anyone here use a Discovery 3 for overlanding? Thinking of upgrading from a disco 2

    LOL, if you are overlanding, any vehicle is going to be a money pit
  2. F Clayton

    2022 Midwest Automotive Design Passage 144

    Here you go: Not same brand, but these guys have a 144 that looks pretty sweet.
  3. F Clayton

    What do you use to sleep on in a tent?

    Air mattress
  4. F Clayton

    2022 GMC Hummer EV Full Review

    Super cool, makes you think on which direction to go!
  5. F Clayton

    How will the Rivian do in cold weather?

    I was just thinking, lithium batteries don't like to be cold right? So what happens if you drive your Rivian R1T or R1S into a snowy area?
  6. F Clayton

    Letting someone borrow your camping gear?

    LOL no, been there and done that many years ago. I just don't want to be put into 'that' situation again. Long story short, my buddy had borrowed some camping gear including a new tent I had just bought. When he left his camping spot, he left the tailgate open on his truck and not only my...
  7. F Clayton

    What was your first off-road truck?

    1982 CJ7 Jeep
  8. F Clayton

    Jumbo Personal Tool Carrier - Last US Bag - Quick review

    Very good company!! I have a yellow backpack from these guys. Their stuff isn't cheap, but I agree, it's very well made. Congrats on your new bag!
  9. F Clayton

    What are 5 cold weather tents for survival?

    What's your budget?
  10. F Clayton

    How Dangerous Is Cold Weather Camping?

    Well this is a loaded question. IMHO, camping is camping. Camping in warm weather is just as dangerous as in cold weather or any other weather is you are not prepared. The key is to know the elements you are going to be in, and be prepared. Have lots of water, proper clothes, enough food...
  11. F Clayton

    Goal Zero Yeti 1500X power a Dometic CFX3 DZ75 cooler?

    Also you should look at Jackery as well, they make good power packs
  12. F Clayton

    Goal Zero Yeti 1500X power a Dometic CFX3 DZ75 cooler?

    Plenty of power and just add a 100 or 200 watt solar blanket and you'll be golden.
  13. F Clayton

    How much water should I carry on a 3 days camping?

    I have one 5 gallon blue bin for fresh water and will usually bring another for cooking and cleaning. That's all I have room for.
  14. F Clayton

    Any firewood alternatives for campfires during overlanding?

    Bring a saw or an ax with you and get your fuel in the field
  15. F Clayton

    Tijuana Paint Job?

    LOL no. But might not be bad.
  16. F Clayton

    Anyone still use paper maps?

    Not here either
  17. F Clayton

    Canoo Electric Over-landing Vehicle

    Same here, and it's still down a bit:
  18. F Clayton

    Camping Rug that keeps mud and dirt out?

    Yeah, but it doesn't fold up nicely.
  19. F Clayton

    Which hitch are you using on your trailer?

    Standard 2", Pintle, or Max Coupler?
  20. F Clayton

    SmartCap reviews??

    Yeah, but these are SO SO well made