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  1. DaveInFresno

    KC Hilites alternatives ??

    What are some good alternative to KC lights? A buddy of mine who has finally gotten off his ass and jumping back in off-road and looking for good lights. I recommended KC, which he reminded me that he hates the company because of bad customer service he received like 12 years ago. Which I...
  2. DaveInFresno

    Jeep Nearly Slides Off DANGEROUS Shelf Road

    Another video that caught my attention today. Pretty nuts:
  3. DaveInFresno

    Tesla screen installed in Jeep Wrangler

  4. DaveInFresno

    Exped Duo Mega Mat worth the money?

    Hey guys, who has one of these and are you finding it worth the $$? Did you go with their green or red one?
  5. DaveInFresno

    Letting someone borrow your camping gear?

    What's your policy on letting someone borrow your camping gear? My brother just sent a message asking about borrowing my gear for a 4 day trip he has coming up in two weeks. I love my family, but I also know my brother doesn't have a ton of extra money to spend in case something got damaged...
  6. DaveInFresno

    Heating a roof top tent with a diesel heater??

    It's getting to be that cold ass time of the year. Have any of you tried rigging up a diesel heater to heat your roof top tent? I'm sure this must be a bit overkill, but if you can run on super low, and crack a window, it must keep it comfortable and dry right? Or just to much?
  7. DaveInFresno

    Back of seat storage for Jeeps??

    Rant: Amazon QC is horrible! I have had such the worst luck with these guys. I ordered seat covers, which didn't fit and now the back of seat storage bags I got, looks so cheap! So I sent both packages back and really want to find something that looks good, but is well made. Fitment is...
  8. DaveInFresno

    Where did you mount spare fuel Rotopax on your Jeep?

    Actually I'm curious on what size should I get and then where? I know I have seen some with a fuel pod mounted to the spare tire on the back. I have seen some mounted on the exterior of the rear windows, roof, right behind the front wheels on the fenders. Just curious which is best and most...