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  1. Frank Vos

    Over-the-air charging for Rivian Trucks?

    Yeah heard about this on another forum. Also heard about roads having on going charging as you drive over it.
  2. Frank Vos

    Anyone considering an electric truck for overlanding adventures?

    Yes, my wife and I were just talking about the Rivian R1S. Though we are holding out for the max range model with 400+ miles.
  3. Frank Vos

    Which chains are you using with your offroad tires?

    I need to get some chains, which can you recommend for offroad tires?
  4. Frank Vos

    Portable toilet that doesn't stink?

    Unless you have black tank, you will have this problem.
  5. Frank Vos

    What are you doing with your OEM parts you are taking off your truck?

    Those of you with a new truck that you are making upgrades too with aftermarket parts. What are you doing with the OEM parts you are taking off the truck? Are you storing or selling? If selling, where are you selling? I have tried Craigslist, but there are so many darn scammers.
  6. Frank Vos

    What size propane tank are you carrying? How are you filling?

    I have a couple 5lb tanks and I also grill a bit at my home, so I'm often in there filling up a 20lb tank. So never had any issues.
  7. Frank Vos

    Coupon code for Quadratec?

    I don't suppose you have an active coupon code that works for Quadratec you can post? Please share. Thank you!
  8. Frank Vos

    How are you getting rooftop tent on top of your rig solo?

    You'll likely need to recruit at least 2 people. Depending on weight, you'll be better off with 4 people to safely lift onto top of your rig.
  9. Frank Vos

    Bought a DMOS Alpha Expedition Shovel

    Never heard of this one. Looks well made, reviews from what I could find look pretty good as well.
  10. Frank Vos

    how long does a Jackery 1000 last without a charge?

    Agree, I think the OP needs to clarify on what they are referring too.
  11. Frank Vos

    RSI Smart Cap vs RLD Design Cap??

    I have a friend with one of these, aside from company reps difficult to get ahold of, he loves it. As I understand, the hinges on outside are older ones. New caps have the hinges inside.
  12. Frank Vos

    What do you do to secure awnings in wind?

    Is this a trick question? Tie it down or store it away if winds are too high.
  13. Frank Vos

    Ordering Escapod Topo 2 tear drop trailer - question about delivery date??

    Most of the manufactures are slammed right now. And to make matters worse, there are supply chain issues for many of these.
  14. Frank Vos

    $33,000 Rooftop tent from Redtail Overland??

    I saw this out at Overland West, this 'tent' is EXTREMELY well made. Pricey, but so well made.
  15. Frank Vos

    Offroad trailer that cost less than $30,000??

    Would you consider a tear drop? Or do you want to stick with something that has a tent on the top?
  16. Frank Vos

    How much water do you carry on overlanding trips?

    At least 1 gallon per day for drinking and if I plan to shower, then another 5-10 gallons depending on how long I'm going to be there.
  17. Frank Vos

    Where in the world do you mount Krazy Beaver Shovel on Jeep??

    Funny, I was just talking to buddy about one of those DMOS shovels. OP -do you have a roof rack or tire carrier on back?
  18. Frank Vos

    Need chain recommendations for 37" tires for winter season

    Try these peeps out:
  19. Frank Vos

    Who sells custom Jeep hood decals?

    I've seen a few jeeps with custom decals on side where it normally says "Rubicon". But theirs says something different. Who makes these?