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$33,000 Rooftop tent from Redtail Overland??

Mojave Traveler

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You need to dive into the text on their site vs just look at photos, this thing is far more than a roof top tent. Looks like they are pitching it as a more comfortable living pod when you are out. Well that's my first impress, I'll dive more into this later on YouTube.


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I'm sorry, but I don't get it? It looks like a hard shell tent, it has the space of a hard shell tent. I get the walls are solid (but HOW solid are they??) and you have glass or plastic windows in the back. $33000 though? I'm sure I'm missing something here. Someone help me understand this.

Chad Hahn

That back window is pretty legit. So would something like this keep either warm or cool (depending on season) inside better than other tents?
Hmmm, well first glance yeah, overpriced. But the more you look closer, I can see where they are taking this. But I guess I would need to see one in person or see more bonafide reviews.


Um, no. Just can't get my arms around paying that much for something that visually and space wise resembles a tent.